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Business growth, targeted marketing & strategy 

With strong familiarity of the Denver market, over the last year I took the leap, and started freelance work full time for some of the most influential Denver businesses. Immersing myself into these small and mighty ventures has given me the confidence proving I can use my skills to help businesses reach their goals and connect with the Denver community simultaneously. 

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Nora Thomas Ltd. 

My name is Nora and I am a freelance marketer, communicator and connector. The year 2022 in my eyes is the year for opportunity and the year to embrace the uncomfortable. March 2020 was a turning point for everyone, but honestly speaking, I think that moment changed a lot of people's lives for the better. Individuals had time to think about their passions and long-term goals — yes that is including goals unrelated to work. I began dreaming of extensive travel through Europe, what about you? 


I started my LLC earlier this year, and have had a large variety of freelance experience for the past two. I learned early in my college career the importance of networking and have used these experiences to help me flourish as I start learning about and building with a new client. My client history is in the works (you know how website updating goes), but at the moment, I am working with the following companies: 


Urban Sanctuary: This is a studio in the heart of Five Points offering an inclusive space to grow, explore self discovery and learn while practicing yoga. 


Jamie Empowers: Colorado business coach who focuses on helping women discover the power of their confidence and how to use it as a tool for success. 


Prana Yoga: Single yoga practitioner focusing on guiding individuals through trauma-informed practices.


Areas of expertise include: paid and organic marketing, social media design and planning, website building, public relations, business growth, community partnerships, etc. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.